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Mountain High

Davisson Brothers Band

October 21, 2022



Donnie Davisson – Lead Vocals
Chris Davisson – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitars
Aaron Regester – Drums

Tim O’brien – Mandolin
Dave Roe – Bass Guitar
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle, Banjo
Russ Pahl – Guitar, Steel Guitar
Mike Rojas – Organ, Piano
Sam Bacco – Percussion

Chris Davisson
Tim O’Brien
Stewart Duncan
Gerrod Bee
Landon McFadden
Eddie Davisson
Andrew Davisson
Cheris Varkonda Gonzalez
Tricia Hagedorn
Dave Roe
Roxy Handley

ADDITIONAL PERCUSSION (Boot Stomps, Hand Clapping):
Anne Lienhardt
Rich Lienhardt
Landon McFadden
Eddie Davisson
Andrew Davisson
Cheri Varkonda Gonzalez
Tricia Hagedorn

David “Ferg” Ferguson
Brent Cobb

Donnie Davisson
Chris Davisson
Wyatt Durette
Tyler Reeve

The Cowboy Arms Hotel And Recording Spa

Sean Sullivan
Cameron Davidson – Assistant Engineer

David “Ferg” Ferguson
The Butcher Shack

Richard Dodd

Rollin’ The Dice Records
Red Dog Recordings

“Mountain High” is the newest single by the Davisson Brothers Band available where ever music is streamed, download and sold.

Mountain High was a really fun song to write, we wrote it with our buddies Wyatt Durrette and Tyler Reeve at Wyatt’s condo. My brother had a banjo with him, and he played this lick/melody which he had been messing around with throughout the day. He kept playing it over and over again and we were all spitting out lyrics and trying to get something started. I think Tyler was the one who spit out “we get  down on a mountain high, it’s where we’re from its where we’ll die” and after that it all fell in to place! By the time the second chorus came around we were all up dancing and singing! The work tape was really good with my brother’s banjo leading the way. The song had so much room and space for a lot of singing and playing. I couldn’t wait to see what Fergie and Brent thought about it and hear what they would do with this song. We pretty much tracked this song live with so many great players and singers. I knew it was going to be something special. After Fergie and Brent spent a few days putting their wisdom and amazing talent into the song, they finally let us hear it, and I almost fell out of my chair!!

Donnie Davisson

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