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Davisson Brothers Band - Birthday Bash - Chris Janson

Birthday Bash #2 with Chris Janson and Stone Senate

At Schmitt's Saloon and Davisson Brothers Music Hall on September, 27th we welcome back Chris Janson for the 4th time.
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Davisson Brothers Band - News - 002 - 2015

Live, Interactive Phone and Streaming Event on September 10th

The Davisson Brothers Band will be hosting a live, interactive phone and streaming event on September 10th around 1:55pm EDT. During this event, the band...
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Davisson Brothers Band - ESPN - News - 005 - 2015

ESPN Baseball Tonight Intro with the Davisson Brothers Band

Here’s an early look at the ESPN Baseball Tonight with John Kruk 4th of July games intro featuring the Davisson Brothers Band. Thanks again to...
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Davisson Brothers Band - ESPN

Davisson Brothers Band on ESPN with John Kruk on 4th of July Baseball Tonight Broadcast

We were honored to do some recording and filming with ESPN, John Kruk and the Baseball Tonight crew in Nashville last week for their 4th...
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