Davisson Brothers Band
Davisson Brothers Band - Donnie Davisson - 2014
Donnie Davisson
Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Davisson Brothers Band - Chris Davisson - 2014
Chris Davisson
Lead Guitar / Slide Guitar
Davisson Brothers Band - Sammy Davisson - 2014
Sammy Davisson
Bass / Vocals
Davisson Brothers Band - Aaron Regester - 2014
Aaron Regester

The Davisson Brothers Band has a unique style, fusing a blend of country, southern rock, and bluegrass to create a distinctive sound. Their remarkable sound, combined with the band’s talent and energy, has gained them an incredibly loyal and rapidly growing fan base. Brothers Donnie and Chris Davisson, cousin Sammy Davisson, and life-long best friend Aaron Regester are continuing musical pursuits started by the Davisson family long ago. In DBB, one can’t help but hear the resounding influence of a life raised in music. Their song lyrics and sound tell powerful stories of their family history and lifestyle in West Virginia, and is sure to gain a nationwide following. The band recently worked with acclaimed producer Keith Stegall on their first national single Jesse James.

Davisson Brothers Band - Jesse James
Jesse James // Davisson Brothers Band - Jesse James - Single
  1. Jesse James // Davisson Brothers Band - Jesse James - Single